When is Pyke going to be nerfed?

He's been consistently complained about for how many patches now? No champion should ever generate 900+ gold from one non bounty kill. He has no counter play besides nuke him, because if you don't 100-0 him from the start he just runs away and comes back with almost all of his health regenerated. He has a execution, pull that has a built in slow, camouflage that gives 40% movement speed at rank one and 60% at rank 5 and works great with his passive, which says when people can't see him he regenerates health recently dealt to him, and a dash that has a built in stun. "Oh he can't build health." That doesn't matter when it's incredibly easy for him to just run away to regenerate most of the health he lost while you're left with 30% and don't have a magical tool to regenerate your health. "His E is easily dodgeable." Yeah it is, but the problem is if you dodge the e, you aren't able to catch him since his w gives him tons of movement speed plus camouflage, and if you don't dodge it you can't catch him anyway since it stuns you. I get he isn't played in pro play, which is what riot balances the game around (**LC$ BIG PLAY$**), so I doubt they will ever do anything to him, but even the balance team that is claimed to consist of diamond players must have encountered this cancerous champion.
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