Here is some info about the power creep and gold efficiency of post-nerf Ardent Censer!

Ardent Censer
Magic › Cooldown Reduction Movement › Other Movement Items Ardent Censer is a legendary item in League of Legends.[1] Windspeaker's Blessing.Ardent Censer's bonus healing and shielding passive stacks additively with , , , and [2] It stacks multiplicatively with Spirit Visage , giving a 43% total increase when directly healing anyone holding that item.
Ardent censer, released in patch 4.10 and for 2200 gold it gave 30 ability power, 10 flat mana regen (per 5 seconds), 10% cooldown reduction, unique passive of 8 percent movespeed, and unique passive "your shields and heals on another unit grant them 25 percent attack speed for 6 seconds." Today for an **increase of only 100 gold** (total of 2300) you gain 30 ability power, 15% heal and shield power, and the unique passive giving yourself and the ally you are shielding and healing 20-35 percent attack speed and 20-35 on-hit magic damage, along with the exact same build path. Ardent censer is **108.34 percent gold efficient** without its passives. If it is applied to **one ally** and yourself it is **195.3 - 260.51 percent gold efficient**(based on level, and with all passives). If this passive is applied to **all allies** including yourself it is **325.73 - 488.78 percent gold efficient** (based on level, and with all passives). A whopping 488 percent gold efficient if you press r on janna or soraka, seems pretty fair right. For comparison sunfire cape's gold efficiency is only 80.46 percent without the passive. Most tank items that give armor without their passives are only at around 75 - 80 percent gold efficiency. Magic resistance tank items are around 90% gold efficiency without their passives. Just goes to show how stupid this item actually is (sorry for all the numbers).
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