Put Akali's healing on her passive if it's going to be removed from Q

I can understand the reasoning for it (relatively low-interaction healing, kind of obnoxious when she has the numbers to burst heal for quite a lot) but nerfing one of Akali's only survival tools to the point she can't tower dive with it and then removing the other one is just not fair. My suggestion is something that encourages a little more interaction and plays naturally into her more drawn-out fight pattern; Akali heals for X amount when she strikes a champion with her passive. Additional procs within Z seconds boost the healing by Y%. Something like this gives Akali clear incentive to go for longer trades to max out her healing, which gives opponents more time to do their own damage or back off and deny her the healing altogether. It would be a nice nod to her old passive, too, which I think is always nice.
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