Pkye is a ridiculous champion

Let me complain. I will offer no solutions even though you people will whine that its just a rant. The solution is the inversion of his kit strengths. Too many and too good. He is very tanky. He deals massive burst assassination damage. He can go invisible. He can hook you. Its a little much. It does too much. Why do people always fight me on these things? I get some nonsense response about how he really isnt too strong, or if you do such and such you can counter him. All irrelevant. Myopic thinking that doesnt look at the aggregate results over games. A support that still functions much like a support (CC hook, tanky) and YET brings massive damage to the table as well. Well, the game is in a shit state right now. And as it has gone down hill people like me have pointed out why its going downhill, BUT if we don't write the post the way you want us to--polite, not rant sounding and certainly never insulting the trash company Riot--you people will vote me down. It really is staggering. The game has gone down the shitter. Consider the fact that you may be wrong about your overall concept of what makes or breaks the game in terms of fairness and fun.
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