Ok rito enough is enough revert it please.

Let me just start things off with saying that I still consider last season to be the worst season of league...But I'm starting to think that season 9 is going to be much worse.. I started playing a lot at the end of season 8 and got used to things being balanced the way they were and I honestly didn't think it could get any worse. I keep trying to tell myself they will fix it but every game I end up playing it just makes me seriously start to hate this game... It's so unfun when the support can 1v1 the adc or there's just so much damage in the game playing anyone who can't burst the other person is pretty much pointless. http://prntscr.com/lqrwnz Lucian presses Q aa aa W aa aa E aa aa and my hp is low enough to the point I have no choice but to recall in lane. Pyke walks at me under my own tower misses Q then ults me and still somehow kills me then is able to run away from my entire team living with over 80% hp still. WHILE BUILDING NO TANK ITEMS. I hate to say it. But I honestly think league is done for and I'm done with league at least until they finish with all this bullshit they're doing.
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