The high damage meta and what I think it means

I have been watching a few nostalgic League of Legends history videos. Some of them go as far back as beta, and season 1! It suddenly came to me that back then there were a lot of short lived broken metas and sometimes long lived ones, however overall lane lasted longer, fights lasted longer, and the pace of the game was generally slower. I think that overtime League has become more of a split-second decision making, highly volatile, risk reward type of game... This makes it more interesting to watch on the pro scene, as each player/team are heavily coordinated and prepared. It is interesting to see how they react to their mistakes and try to make a come back on such a highly paced level. However, I think it is very different in solo Q as the game being more risk reward, and volatile, games are more punishing on individual players. Even if you play very well, if your team falls short of how well the enemy team is playing, the volatility in the game means that a huge gap can be made in a short time within a game causing a come back to have a shorter window and be more difficult. Hopefully the game slows down just a bit, I am sure there is a fine line where pro play is interesting every minute, and Solo Q does not become encroaching to individual players making games feel like a dice roll. What do you think?
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