@Meddler: About the Rek'sai tweaks

I was doing some quick math on the Rek'sai changes and had a few questions about them. Just to be clear, I was under the impression that Riot wants her to be more of a damage dealing diver than she is now, and are tweaking her kit accordingly (correct me if I'm wrong please). For her Q to deal as much damage with the changes as with live she needs a minimum of 0/25/50/75/100 bonus AD, after which point she deals more than before the more she invests in AD. That seems right on point for what Meddler said they wish to do. However, the E changes seem to be doing the exact opposite. To clarify my thought process I'll break it down here: Riot is changing the ability to have a flat base damage and a bonus AD ratio, while the old ability had a total AD ratio. * Total AD = base AD + bonus AD, therefore 80 to 240% total AD = 80 to 240% base AD + 80 to 240% bonus AD. Separating it like that allows one to see that Riot has removed between 10% and 100% bonus AD from the scaling depending on ability rank and fury level (new ratio is 70% to 140% bonus AD while the old ability gave 80% to 240% bonus AD). This in fact discourages Rek'sai from building damage since she gains so much less on this ability which is relatively crucial for her objective securing. Just for an example, at level 18, a rek'sai with 100 bonus AD currently deals a minimum of 255 damage and a max of 510, while the new rek'sai would deal minimum 160 damage and a max of 320. ***THIS IS A MONUMENTAL NERF TO HER E***, and the difference only becomes *more* noticeable the more AD you purchase (with 200 bonus AD live Rek deals 375-750 while new rek only deals 230-460) It won't be worth slowing down your attack rotation to use her new E if these changes ship. If this E nerf is because Riot is adding damage to her ult, please nerf the damage on the ult and give it back to E so it doesn't discourage building damage this much.
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