Still no love for Garen after dozen of patches of being mediocre.

Even Nasus got buffs on the PBE right now. Even fucking Graves has compensation buffs for his E nerf. I mean come on, Garen is fucking terrible, both in low elo and high elo, and even the stats prove how pitiful he is: Bronze: Has merely a 50.2% winrate, in an elo where he is supposed to "pub-stomp". Wow, I see that huge stomping, he has a 50% winrate. Platinium: 48.5% winrate, with a small 2.8% pickrate, that is simply pitiful. And, please, don't give me that "hurr, but garen is a noob champion and is broken in bronze/silver, we can't buff him xDDDDDDDDDDD" First of all, shut the fuck up. Garen isn't even close to being broken in bronze/silver, you're just terrible if you're losing hard vs him, especially since his rework made him so weak early game. Second of all, shut the fuck up once again, Riot doesn't balance around Bronze/Silver, otherwise, champions like Amumu, Blitzcrank or Tryndamere would be nerfed. Riot tends to balance around Platinium-Diamond level of rank, in which Garen completely sucks dick. Third of all, Garen isn't even that noob of a champion anymore. I mean, sure, his kit is simple, but with this new permaslow meta, where every single mid laner and their grandmother build {{item:3116}} , this is almost impossible for Garen to reach for the backline without any mechanical skill. The Garen player now has to play around that huge disadvantage of being permaslowed, especially after {{item:3009}} being nerfed into uselessness, and {{item:3111}} only reducing the duration of the slows, which can already be countered by simply re-applying the slow (since Riot thought giving CDR to every fucking AP item in the game was a good idea) Why the hell should a player be actually punished for doing well with his champion each time he climbs the ladder? This is pure bullshit, and every Garen main out here have to deal with this fact.
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