Can we buff Morgana?

I mean holy shit! She's been nerfed when she doesn't even need to. While OP champions are getting more OP; champions she counters. Like Pyke, Nautilus, Leona, and Blitzcrank. Morgana used to shit Blitzcrank's pants until his stupid ult REMOVES shields! Yes! It can remove black shield! So if you black shield before his R he can remove it. But you can't blackshield after R because you are silenced! Champions like Nautilus and Leona has insame amount of damage to penetrate her nerfed E shield. This is pure bullshit and so unfair to play against. I used to rely on her for countering these champions but because they got rediculous buffs nobody even asked for. Please Riot I know you are too r%%%%%ed to do this but if you buff Morgana's blackshield or nerf other engage supports it would make support great like it used to be.

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