About ward jumping

So, I thought... there are certain champions that can jump to wards ( {{champion:64}} or {{champion:24}} ), and this capability can be a real pain for their opponents, especially since it gives the former an ability to quite easily and safely dive low-hp players under their own turrets early on - yes, such ward is visible so it can easily be destroyed and while it allowed {{champion:64}} to score an early kill, possibly fb, it still provides advantage afterwards - it gives a possibly heavily wounded allied laner a heads-up when to cease farming and back off, cos' their angry opponent is returning with more items and full hp - which, I really don't think a {{champion:64}} player gave even a brief thought to when placing that ward to get a kill... While ward-jumping is an important part of their kit, and I wouldn't suggest completely ridding them of this capability, I'd strongly suggest to incorporate strategic risk into tactical benefits of using it. Namely, to implement a mechanic that would make ward-jumping immediately break the ward if ward-jump is executed within 10 seconds from placing the ward, so that ward-jumpers will have to choose - place a ward for the purpose of vision contribution **or** place it for the sole purpose of immediately using it to escape or close a gap, sacrificing vision it could provide otherwise. Since it would undoubtedly be a kind of nerf, perhaps breaking a ward with ward-jumping could refund a small portion of its' remaining cooldown. It was a split-second thought, but perhaps it is one worth considering.

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