I am done.

Yesterday me and my friend played 2 rankeds. 1st game - 2/12/2 Shadow Assassin Kayn who did 3 times less dmg than me as Janna support 2nd game - 1/10/10 first time Camille on top who built hydra and then sold it to buy spirit visage Then we played 1 normal draft: -Yasuo mid who wanted to end 2v5 with our amazing full AP Galio support with Undying Grasp + feeding and toxic Xayah My friend plays mid and always wins her lane and roams bot to help, I play support and I make my adc 11/4 so he can carry. BUT IT DOESNT WORK OUT CAUSE THEIR TOP IS 12/2 AND THEIR JG GANKS EVERY LANE 6 TIMES AND HAS MORE FARM THAN OUR NOT GANKING LEE SIN. Thats why we cant climb anywhere in rankeds. It doesn't matter how good you play, what matters is how bad this one guy in your team is.
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