Irelia broken with match proof(Full tank Dr Mundo w/r tower dived and one shot by Irelia constantly) So either conqueror is turning every ad champ imaginable to tank one shotters or Irelia broken beyond words. She can out sustain a mundo ult and she constantly bm'd me knowing i can't fight her at all. so she tower dived and i got killed with ult(lvl 6) Having more master yi's is unhealthy for our game. please do something about this, No counter at all since i have huge armor and mr buying also some hp. Maxed out my effective hp and i was still one shot tower dived this is not right. Also yes i know im not the most challenger player ever but tower diving a full hp mundo with ult and 1500+k hp is supposed to be a bad idea. but she kills me tooooooo fast.
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