@Riot Runes Reforged base stat adjustment concerns

I read the recent post about your plans to change the base stats of certain champions when the current stat boost runes are removed. Although I am generally fine with giving certain champions increased base stats I am afraid of what this will mean for players who play against the meta. I am a P2 Nidalee main with 900k mastery points. I like to experiment and create multiple Nidalee builds when I play ranked because I like the champion so much. I choose a different build depending on the teams I am playing with and against. This ranges from traditional ap, to ap support to ad and ad tank. My AD build is what I run most of the time because I have the most success with it. With this build I take absolutely no ability power runes, and use AD reds with fervor instead. I am worried that when Runes Reforged is introduced you will give her the flat base AP that is normally run in her most common rune page setup. This could mean that the untraditional builds I play would be no longer viable. What can you tell me to ensure that this does not happen for me or anyone else who finds enjoyment in playing League of Legends this way.

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