Why Do Players Only Want To Fight Without Regard To Events On The Map?

Huge pet peeve that I constantly notice. Up to Silver now, mostly trying to play the map (which doesn't always work out well but w.e). When I'm shoving a lane, my team won't shove the other two lanes (especially the one farthest from me). My teammates are constantly looking for a fight -- either following me, or going off into the Jungle somewhere for a full on 5v4, meanwhile we have two lanes that aren't pushing. This usually results in disaster probably 90% of the time, and what am I supposed to do about it? I'm always getting the blame for not being there for fights that should usually never have been started. The past, well really who knows how many games? I don't actually know, but my Jungler never helps Top, and the enemy Jungler is ALWAYS camping me. The enemy Hecarim must have came Top at least 5 times in a row at one point after he took maybe his 3rd blue? I finally get caught and died, and it's my fault apparently for not being able to sustain my health after getting ganked several times in a row in succession and dying. Is this seriously the meta we are in? How can the enemy Jungle live in my lane all game, but my Jungle cannot gank a single lane in the first 10 minutes? What are you supposed to do? I can't understand how you are supposed to be able to deal with it. Feeding Bottom lane, feeding Middle lane, AFK Jungle who does not gank any lanes, heavily camped Top who literally can't do anything and starts feeding as well... what can you do? It's my fault by the way, because I'm not god and I can't magically 1v2, 1v3, 1v4, 1v5 the enemy team and kill all of their towers while my team walks around in the Jungle trying to find the enemies, meanwhile completely ignoring the lanes which are pushing into our towers. Fuck man. They rage at me and call me bad when I don't group for their fights, like really? How can I be expected to move all the way across the map for a fight somewhere in the Jungle when we have no pushing creeps? Am I supposed to follow my team around and not farm, and somehow magically be capable of getting a penta kill against the enemy team every single time my team feels like charging in with no vision of who is there? What is the answer? Maybe I am playing wrong and they are right, but I seriously don't see how what they expect from me is supposed to achieve anything.
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