Zoe is the definition of unfun design

Zoe is a champion that has a kit designed entirely to be degenerate and offers a negative play experience for me in games against her. I've been playing League off and on since Season 1, and never have a seen a champion that infuriates me so much. What's worse is that she's not even highly picked either, which makes banning her every game to avoid her even worse, because it's like wasting a ban. Zoe has exceptionally high mobility, extremely long range, one of the longest crowd control effects in the game, and she can actually reuse SUMMONER SPELLS repeatedly off her W by storing them and then picking up new ones in a fight. She's got exceptionally high burst, can deal true damage without needing to hit you herself, and generally just has a playstyle that is incredibly frustrating. I'm not trying to say that she is broken, or overpowered, or anything of the sort. But she has a specific kit that can entirely shut down and eliminate specific characters from being able to actually play the game, and she requires a specific counter to her. That's something Riot said they were wanting to move away from, massive hard counters, and that's really sad that Zoe just flat up violates that while being able to nearly one shot players. It's like someone saw the old spear from Nidalee's kit and said "You know what, I'd love if this was a longer range, harder to dodge, and dealt more damage. Oh, and add a 2.75 second crowd control at range that does true damage on there. Perfect. I'm actually so frustrated and unhappy with this champion that I'm considering quitting League because of it. It shows the most extreme issue with a game that's constantly evolving, when something comes out that breaks the play experience this badly for someone, they can't go back to playing the game before that broken piece was introduced. I just have to sit here and wait for Zoe to either get a rework, or start being absurdly unhappy and frustrated with the game because of it. That's NOT a good thing.
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