Blue side advantage needs to go. It has been going on for too long.

Most of the games I play in solo queue or see in competitive is, the blue side will win majority of games. The only time the red side wins games is by some miracle that the blue side threw the game away and the red side can win, but in a normal game where there is no shenanigans or clown fiesta the blue side will win the game the majority of times. Even if the red side has a better team comp, they will still lose because blue side has better advantages in map layout and other stuff, plus in competitive blue side also gets first pick and stuff like that. Also in jungler pathing, the blue side gets a better start with red buff with 2 people while the red side has to start on blue side with 2 people and loses the early ganking/dueling trades. Camera angles might also affect blue side win rate even if the camera is unlocked because you naturally see further on blue side than you do red side regardless of locked screen or unlocked screen and the UI blocking some of the red side view doesn't help. Blue side has advantage in baron because there is no wall while the red side has to walk around. One suggestion is remove the wall surrounding the dragon and baron pit and make it open for both sides. Another suggestion is in pick/ban, make the red side get first pick instead and leave the map how it is.
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