This week's circle jerk: The mage holocaust!

Greetings and welcome to today's segment of "Weekly Circlejerk", a (potentially) weekly thread that goes over the spiciest and most talked about topics on the gameplay boards. Today I present you the topic of many heated debates and salty threads: The supposedly "weak" state of Mages. Over the last week the front-page was flooded with threads lamenting the "horrible" state mages are in and how they've been pushed out of their natural habitat of mid lane by the nefarious archetype known as the common Marksman, often going by the abbreviation ADC for Attack Damage Carry. Apparently this creature has migrated from its nesting spots in the bottom lane and has invaded the middle one, threatening to push out Magic-damage champions out from their natural habitat. _______________________________ Or so the boards would want you to believe. According to statistics there are only two AD, Attack Damage, champions in top 15 mid lane champions. Both of which do not fall into the "Marksman" category but are rather Assassins or fighters. But Winrates aren't everything, so perhaps pick rates would be the more suitable statistic to document AP champions going extinct in mid lane, pushed out but Marksmen. But even then there's no sign of the supposedly alarming occurrence of Marksmen taking up the place of traditional mages. The most popular mid lane champions are still, in fact, mostly mages with the occasional assassin. And even then, to conclude this little accumulation of stats, the posterboy for Marksmen going mid, Lucian the Purifier, is sitting at a not so comfortable 43% win rate despite having a somewhat respectable pick rate of 5 % __________________________ Based on these stats I presented we may deduce that this uproar about Marksmen pushing out traditional mages out of their natural habitat is nothing more than a baseless claim, with Mages still reigning supreme in the middle lane. This 'Mage Holocaust' seems to be just another sign of how these boards underplay the strength of the mage class and combining this notion of "weak" AP champions with the current "OP" Marksmen bandwagon makes for one hell of a circle jerk! Join me next week for yet another installment of "Weekly Circlejerk" where I will dissect next week's hot topic! -Malicious Metal, phD in Mordelogy and Boards Science
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