Solo Q you say? Do not worry.

Riot will have no choice but to reinstate Solo Q during Season 7 or 8. Why? It's clear to all of us. They are about business. Everyone in business will tell you that doing something that you want is not the way to go, but to do something for the customers is the RIGHT way to go. They're too cocky that DQ is good. It has been out for just half a year. Give them a year or two and they will see the damage that it has caused (Right now, things are getting really messy and ugly). This isn't going to look good for their company. High ELO in League of Legends is absolutely garbage at this state. I don't even think players want to get to Diamond any more. I have a friend who stopped playing last week and told me he doesn't even wanna play ranked and get to Diamond 1 like he did last year. He knows games aren't even balanced sometimes in Plat even... SoloQ will be back and Riot will have learned their lesson, as cocky as they are right now. In the meantime...just watch and laugh at Riot for the next year or two trying to 'FIX' DQ. Players will leave and Riot will make another ROUND TABLE video to announce that Solo Q will be back again and apologize for the disaster they have caused in Season 6. Just wait for's coming. TLDR Solo Q will be back. Riot knows this and we should know this too. (Riot is obviously saying 'solo q isn't coming back'...because let's be real, if they did RIGHT NOW...they will look even more stupid 6 months into DQ) That announcement will have to be during a preseason or the start of a new season. They might even have to incorporate voice chat in games with the return of solo Q.

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