Im just so tired of this Aatrox issue

I really am so sickened by dying so much with my passive NOT ON COOLDOWN since this mini change you rioters made... Its literally the most frustrating thing ever... its bad enough that he generally dies in 1 auto when he revives, but atleast you know you CAN revive... theres too many times where unless there are 3-5 enemies, its almost impossible to properly activate this passive.. You either dive the enemy team and just die, or you dive and instantly proc your passive and die because you cant sit back and keep it active unless you hit the enemy or they hit you... with a whopping ONE ranged ability, unless youre suiciding, youre simply not going to make proper use of this passive ever.... What the hell did you rioters do to this guy? like really.... And removing the AP scaling on his E? WHY? AP AATROX WAS FUN, and actually viable... unlike this current piece of trash
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