An idea that would improve upon the Ruby Sightstone

So far the only item that builds out of the {{item:2049}} Sightstone is the {{item:2045}} Ruby Sightstone, right? Not many people build it until their last item, some not at all. I was thinking of ways to improve this, maybe making it cheaper or something... and then I came up with what I think is a decent idea. Sightstone enchantments. I didn't come up with any great ideas for enchantments but here's just a few suggestions off the top of my head to show you what I mean. Ruby Sightstone = Holds 5 charges instead of 4. Emerald Sightstone = Vision area is increased by 20% Topaz Sightstone = Wards can be placed from 33% further away. Diamond Sightstone = Wards last 30 seconds longer. Onyx Sightstone = Vision area is decreased to 20%, but the first enemy champion that is spotted by it will be Revealed for 5 seconds. These are just examples, ignore them if you want. But the concept itself... what do you think?

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