@Riot What happened to the potential yasuo changes from 2017?

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Yasuo is a pain in the ass of anyone who has to deal with him. That's old news and has been consistently true from the moment he was released. Rocking the 11th highest pick rate at 17.56%, it's clear people are fond of this insane cyclone samurai. But it also means he's in a fair few of the games we're all in. And for those of us unfortunate enough to not have normal draft available, we simply have to be forced to gouge our eyes out in the loading screen. But at the same time, he has the second highest ban rate in the game at 55.68%, and his ban rate has been obscenely high since his release. But why? {{champion:121}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:122}} are generally stronger and all have lower ban rates. Surely if you wanted to win, you'd ban these champions more than yasuo. But generally, banning yasuo's effect on your win comes from your team not tilting the moment they see him picked. And apart from that it's purely because "I really can't be bothered dealing with this obnoxious, annoying brat of a champion". I certainly don't ban him because he might carry a game, I ban him because I'd rather not become clinically depressed and a drug addict within the space of champion select. I hate yasuo, more than any champion in the game. But at the same time I don't want him to be garbage. I JUST WANT HIM TO BE FAIR! To be an enjoyable opponent like Vel'koz or kled. Some may say "git gud", because pros don't use him. Sorry, but if I have to throw my career away to get that good, just so I don't have to suffer though any game with a yasuo in it, then what's the point? Not everyone can do that. So the 99% who can't just have to, suck it up? accept this parasite? Last year, with 10 bans implemented, you, **Riot**, said "we’ll be taking a look at him in the next few weeks" in order to "get him into a state where he is both viable and also not a must-ban". But this never happened. He is still a must ban if people want to keep their sanity. So riot, what's your next move? Because it's been 5 years since you released him, and players are well beyond done with this champion.
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