@Riot: Why can't we zoom out more?

Hello there, just curious to know why players do not have the option to zoom out more? As a Talon player, I need to constantly have the camera around my champ for proper use of my E pathing, but at the same time I also need it unlocked to keep an eye out on teamfights and where and when I should engage and honestly this constant shift between locked and unlocked mode is very tedious and feels so unnecessary.... I mean, with the option to unlock the camera, the existence of the fog of war and the minimap being a thing, its not like being able to zoom out more would give players any sort of unfair advantages, since all they will see is what they could have potentially seen otherwise if they used any of these options. So if anything I feel like being able to zoom out more would be a great quality of life addition to the game and would help new players get better map awareness and positioning as a whole. Now, the first thing that comes to mind when considering why you didnt make this possible was programing issues, but seeing how the technology is being used for professional games replays that doesnt seem to be the case. Besides I have done a quick googe search and as it turns out, you can actually have a larger FoV by either using multiple monitors, an Ultra large monitor or by simply changing the games files to make it seem as though you do... I honestly don't see how this is fair, so why not just allow everyone to do so?
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