I swear you buy the tiniest amount of mr and immediately become unkillable to AP

EDIT: because someone i am not going to call out by name decided to copy paste something in this thread without giving any context (while also managing to label me as some kind of mindless, upvote-farming, adc circlejerker)i am going to quickly post some math that explains why i'm right about my vayne claim. {{champion:67}} vs {{champion:54}} (4000 health, 200 armor) Vayne W: 480 damage Vayne auto: Lets say it crits for 1100, and is then reduced by 66% (200 armor) and is now 366 damage. Then you factor in {{item:3036}} and you get (+20% damage) (-35% bonus armor) and you end up with the AA dealing rougly 542 damage. {{item:3087}}- assuming he has about 150 mr, lets say, SS will deal about 175 damage on a crit. Lastly, vayne's tumble increases the damage of the autoattack by 50% (not the crit part) so it ends up dealing about 790 damage. So, you add them up, and you end up with roughly **1480**total damage, one vayne auto, versus a malphite with 4k health, 200 armor, and 150 mr. ____________ORIGINAL THREAD START______________ I dont get how it happens like wtf It doesnt matter how ahead you are, enemy buys {{item:3111}} (cherry on top: {{item:3155}} if they're AD) and suddenly you do no damage to them. Meanwhile you buy fucking 200 armor and its like you just wasted gold because gj now the enemy vayne is doing 1.1k damage per tumble crit instead of 1.4k. I dont understand how this happens if armor and mr work the same
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