OP.GG dodges = Riot "outsourced" matchmaking to the players

It occurred to me as I was having to make the call to dodge after seeing a 29% win rate toplaner assigned to my team.... The players can OP.GG check on win rates, champs, autofills.... even the streamers and pros use dodging as an essential tool to climb. If we as players can predict (beyond any reasonable doubt) the outcome of ranked games before they start... **Why Cant Riot's matchmaking?** Riot seems to address queue time complaints, and autofill complaints, but they don't seem to acknowledge that they system they have in place REQUIRES players to actively perform due diligence and actively dodge games for a chance at success in a flawed system. It seems strange to me that the playerbase, and even Riot to some extent, has come to accept it. I would really hope for a major overall of the ELO, MMR, LP system eventually. Maybe this is just wishful thinking for League of Legends 2.
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