Positional Ranks feel horrible

I don't play that much. I binge on games once or twice a week and one or two on a normal night. And that makes this feel horrible. Normally I don't mind swapping. I learned a couple champs for each role because I knew autofill was gonna happen and its simple as that. But switching in ranked now, I dread it. I barely have my secondary role out of placements, and nothing else. I play top and mid. Now is jg, support, or adc wants to swap, I just want to dodge the game. This positional rank system feels like a total chore. I don't want to spend 8 games in 5 roles to get placed. I don't want to play promos in each rank. I just won't spend that kind of time on this game. While being placed against people that actually reflect my skill in a role is appealing, this implementation of that is not worth all the extra work. Just my opinion on it, and I have the sinking feeling that this is here to stay though. If it is, I'll probably drop rank altogether.
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