Can we change Xayah ult so that it doesn't remove Zed ult?

Like seriously, fucking hell, there is enough shit I have to look out for playing Zed in a team fight, under no circumstance should she be able to remove my mark with her ult. Her ult doesn't even have to be well timed to do it either, there is so much fucking lee way. Does {{champion:105}} E removed the mark? Nope, but a well timed E mitigates the damage. Does {{champion:245}} R remove the mark? Nope, but a well timed R pretty much mitigates the damage with regained health. So change it so that she can't remove the mark, but she can mitigate the damage when it pops. Also NERF FUCKING XAYAH, her Q is fine, her e needs a couple base damage nerfs, and her W percentage ratios need to be toned down, then shill be balanced.
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