Nerf Garen Please

Alright so to get things started im gonna point out 2 things: I understand that Garen is not played in high-elo, and I also understand that he is not a very good team pick in general. Now with those 2 things said i still believe that he needs a rework and a fair nerf. Think about this: Riot mainly makes their nerfs based off of what is strong in high-elo, and what is commonly abused there, however, if nobody is going to play him at high-elo as it is, why not give some love to the lower levels. As a gold 2 duoing with a friend in gold 5, we vsed a Garen that was not fed at all. His score was 3-4 at the time about level 16, and building full tank including a titanic hydra. Pretty standard right? So, I was his target at this point in the game or "the villian". My friend got dealt a 1.1k damage ultimate from him while I am "the villian". Now, my friend was playing Master Yi so naturally he had a hexdrinker against a fairly strong ap team composition. Garen's ult does magic damage. So could you please tell me why it is allowed to have a champion that can build full tank and deal 1.1k magic damage through a hexdrinker. That's all I got, feel free to comment your opinions about whether Garen is OP or not.
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