If you can't carry your games, you don't deserve to be higher

However accurate this may be, it fails to paint the full picture, and it's a disservice to the low folks asking for advice to answer this way. So here's what they really mean, brought to you by someone who knows what they mean, and refuses to do it: 1. If you don't play a champ that can carry, then you did this to yourself. Win rates of 53% or higher only. 50% and below is asking to lose. 2. Your preferences are stupid. Enjoy tank support? Then enjoy bronze. You're not going anywhere. 3. When we say Mute Everyone, there isn't room to negotiate. Mute everyone and play. 4. Your ideas about what builds work best obviously do not work since you're bronze. See those Challenger Builds? Do that or stay bronze. 5. Fun is for normals. Ranked isn't a game - it's hard math and tactics. You tilt because you think one loss means something. It doesn't. It's a game of big numbers. Stick to the tactics, shake off the losses that will come, you should be a machine. 6. Everyone has trolls/feeders/AFKers. Ok? Everyone. We get that you have them, we know that it sucks and it's unfair, but reread #1 and #5 and recognize that this is why you're being told to play the broken/OP champs. You're supposed to be good enough to carry dead weight. Again, maybe not every game, but enough to neutralize their influence. 7. The whole "they could have 5 trolls, you can only have 4" works like this: Don't look for someone to carry you. If someone does, great. Your job then becomes to A. not feed and B. make the other team have to care about you. If a Rengar can come over an delete you alone while your support can't save you, then they're going to 4 man the person who _would_ carry you and then you're going to lose. 8. Speaking of which, you die way too fucking much. Yeah, I see your 11 kills and I don't give a shit. You gave them 8 kills on top of what they already had. YOU did that. You gave them eight. Deaths matter more than kills. 9. Grouping. If there's someone doing well, stick with them and give them a fighting chance. If some moron is splitting and getting killed, you have to work around them. Focus on the talent, not the deadweight. At least if that ponce is splitting their pulling one person away. And if that's their only contribution, great. 10. Your map. If this were in order of importance, then this would be first. You don't look at it enough. No, no, shut up, this is why your bronze - look at it twice as often as you are right now. If you didn't hear pings because you put your garbage music on, then turn it off and reread #5. Fun is for normals. This is a job. It's not a game, it's not you hanging out with a friend, ranked is work and you should treat it like a job. No one wants to go to work, but everyone likes getting paid. Cut the shit. Now, having said that, I'm going back to my Bard Control build for another ravishing season of Low Bronze.
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