With all the revert going on, can you revert Soraka old Q !!!!

Soraka: Champion Spotlight | Gameplay - League of Legends
Welcome to the League of Legends Champion Spotlight. In this edition, we're showcasing the new and improved Soraka, complete with updated visuals, animations, and VO. Check out the full video for a guide to new Soraka's abilities, gameplay, and suggested build.
I kinda miss the good old days when Soraka had a Q that would damage every one within a certain range of her and had a low CD, like 1 sec. I know they changed it to have more 'expression of skills' but to be fair they just release a champion that has an exact same Q mechanics ( Kai'Sa ) Anyway i miss the good old days where Soraka was also a mage, and not just a support ( i mean you can still play her as a mage but you'll get 9x ) and i'm pretty sure Phreak wouldn't suggest to go Soraka Mid if he made a new champion spotlight for her. ( watch the link to understand what i'm talking about) By the way in that Video they mention Shurelya's Reverie, an item that is comming back ( they also say to build a frozen heart on Soraka mid... KAPPA ) but yeah so many old items that don't exist anymore...slowly comming back, Maybe Zeke's Herald is gonna make a come back.. why not...with all those ADC not buying life steal anymore cause they want 100% crit !!! I know Riot sometimes listen to my idea's ... Maybe this time they will too :D But you know what could be just fun too, just make a rotating game mode where you can play old version of champs with old items and all.. on the OLD MAP ?!? Like since its an always evolving game it could be cool to have the chance to play a season 1-2-3 style game again. Like Mario odyssey is pretty neat but sometimes I just wanna play a good old Super Mario 3 . But with league unless you make this rotating retro game mode a thing we wont ever be able to play old sion again...or old soraka.. etc... Thx all for your time upvote if you agree :)
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