Riven into Fiora

What do i do in this matchup? From what i learned yesterday if she manages to riposite my 3rd Q or W I'm pretty much going to die or be dangerously low. I ended up losing the lane, with no ganks from my jungler despite frequent requests, (only gave her two kills and a tower), and resided to split pushing and farming golems when i had the chance to catchup. Proceeded to teamfight (mostly died but did contribute) and won the game whilst carried by my Bot lane. Yet i still want to know what exactly i need to rush/build an do against Fiora top because from what I've gathered, Fiora/Riven is a skill based matchup. Is this one of those hope your Jg actually ganks (Didnt get ganked despite asking frequently), or wait for her to make a mistake? Was my loss of lane due to both me and my jungler or just myself for getting stunned... o.O My first death was due to me counter-harrassing her with q-aa-q-aa (tried to bait out riposite and failed)-q (got stunned and ran like hell before she killed me. (i did actually catch up to her in both cs and total gold income through split pushing while she was busy roaming, but i never tried to go for round 3 with her) I never actually really fought her after that so I've no knowledge as to what to do when she ults me. I thought about rushing QSS but it seemed like a bad investment if i wanted to try to dominate the lane and trade with her. I, myself, actually did get ganked but nothing really happened. Anyways can i get some advice on Riven x Fiora? I'd really appreciate it as I'm trying to learn her matchups and how to play them out.

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