Is League dying?

I've been reading a lot of threads here for the past 2 months. And mostly its some reasonable things about specific champion / role / item. In a very big percentage of threads its hard not to notice the dissatisfaction of a lot of players from all regions. And i have to agree with most of you. Games where an adc can singlehandedly kill your entire team in a blink, 2017 memes with Ardens Censer, Tank hp percentage damage, lethality damage, all of that and probably lots of other things i have forgot to mention, made the game extremely NOT enjoyable. With the pace they are going right now, i expect a lot of players abort playing this game cause they just don't enjoy the game anymore. Riot is struggling really hard to keep the game fresh with new champions, constant meta changes, but every time they change something, for the past two years, the game's being worse and worse with every new thing they add. New champions are being either useless or broken, ( Aatrox that is getting a rework even tho it's relatively new champion, to Zoe, who has huge burst damage in early levels ) with some exceptions such as Camille, who is pretty good designed and balanced ( imo ). Anyhow, i feel the game is dying with every new update they release
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