new zac can't carry his own team, only the enemies buy 12 control wards, rest of team buys 3 in total. the enemy support only has 2 get 83% kill participation, of 29 kills i helped in 24 die only 5 times, kda of 4.80:1 get an OP score of 8, the only person higher is the MVP assassin on the winning team am I saying, that I should win all my games as zac? no, but with stat's like these, I want to feel like I actually have an impact later on in the game, with old zac you had actual ap options, and you had the base damage to carry. with new zac you have to rely on 4 monkies, doesn't matter if you're the best player in the game, new zac just is not suitable for solo queue. revert {{champion:154}}
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