What part of attacks does shen W block?

I recently picked shen back up again after mainly playing adc and support, and his new(ish) W is extremely counter intuitive. When I've laned gangplank at first I thought that it would block his passive, however it doesn't. First time laning against yasuo, I thought it would block his q. And it did so i felt confortable going for an all in. Then his q knocked me up, despite dealing no damage, and their yasuo got a kill off his ult. So I'm just wondering, is there some way of knowing what shen's w will block, or had riot created a list somewhere? Because I don't really want to wait until I play specific matchups to know what his w can, and can't block. I don't want to wait untilfacing a teemo to know if his toxic shot applies or not, same with vayne silver bolts.
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