name 5 things you miss and want to see in leauge again

the idea here is to give the devs some ideas of what they may be able to work into the game again in some way, shape or form. on new champions and such. splash art styles, icons, abilitys that have been changed/reworked or removed anything goes for example i would like to see: 1. **{{champion:41}} pre rework E_**, raise moral. Passive: Gangplank gains bonus attack damage and bonus movement speed. ACTIVE:Gangplank fires into the air, disabling Raise Morale's passive bonuses but inspiring himself to gain additional bonus attack damage and bonus movement speed for 7 seconds, reduced to 50% for allied champions in range. i personally loved this ability simply for what it could help a team do and the fact it was basicly what made support gangplank work. 2._**{{champion:82}} pre rework Q**_, mace of spades. ACTIVE: Mordekaiser's next basic attack gains range and is modified to deal magic damage, applying spell effects, which either bounces to up to 3 additional enemies or is increased by 65% if no other enemies are nearby. i think the idea of hitting a enemy so hard that even the people near them feel the pain is amazeing and you could say "well duckie, the hydras do that for everyone" but the thing is the hydras dont have nearly have the weight and impact something like that should have. 3.**{{champion:37}}'s pre update auras_** (i couldnt find the old descriptions for how the aura worked) but i found that the old auras fit her better gameplay and theme wise than the current ones and as a result she has suffered. 4.**_{{champion:40}}'s old splash_** i dont mean to bash the artist but i liked the old splash much better, its warm colour palet gave a good impression and said "hey im a good person, im going to protect and help you" while the new ones gives her a cold, calculating look. **old** **new/current** 5.**_goofy/less serious things_** i love the new lore thats showing up, its fantastic and {{champion:33}}'s lore is one of the most silly things to have been writen in leauge and thats a good thing. a serious story is also a good thing to have but i want to have more goofy and funny character like (like pre-rework {{champion:41}} and{{champion:201}} ) when you take game too seriously it can sorta ruin the mood so lets have some characters give us a big ol smile. BONUS THING 6.**_GREEN WARDS and TRINKET UPGRADES_** i know people in low elo dint really ward much or upgrade their trinkets but outright taking them out of the game was not the way to deal with the issues and as a result more issues have shown up peticularly late game when you cant buy a pink ward without selling one of your items. (also i want solo que as much as the next guy but we know how riot is so the most we can do is protest by just not playing ranked) TLDR: i want pre-rework {{champion:41}} E, pre-rework {{champion:82}} Q, {{champion:37}}'s old auras, {{champion:40}}'s old spalsh, the game to be taken a tad less seriously (more goofy champions and such), and green wards and trinket upgrades
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