Do Practice Bots help?

I know that a lot of people say that intermediate bots aren't good practice and won't prepare you for the real thing, but at this point there's so many smurfs that it's either learn against bots or get destroyed by smurfs, which doesn't really help you learn. I'm still pretty new, but I feel like when I play against bots top lane it actually does help me learn to last hit while getting pressured because it's usually 1v2 up there, and they actually do a bit of damage. So here's my question: Is it worth playing bot games until I can go full OP with 0 deaths, or will me getting smacked around in normals actually end up helping in the long run? Also I do tend to play Yasuo so that might be another reason I'm not doing too well, but I really just want to know if bot games are worth playing for top laners that are new.
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