Reading through some more threads about the fall of league and DQ and I realized,

I realized that with all the people whom are calling the boards members vocal minorities, that they are in fact just vocal minorities of the vocal minority group. I mean with something like 30 or 36 million players, yeah the few thousand of us on the boards are but a minority. But there are so many more of this minority speaking out against Dynamic Queue, than there are of the extremely fewer minority of people whom are defending it. This tells me two things. One, that with millions of players not speaking out in either case, that the actual majority of players don't really care about Dynamic at all, and just like to play the game, go to cons, and root for LCS teams. Two, that there are in fact a much greater amount of people that want Dynamic gone, than there are of people whom want it to stay. The vocal minority has a vocal minority basically. Am I defending Dynamic Queue? No, because it is painfully obvious that it has caused problems, and that it isn't performing as it was intended to. Am I against Dynamic Queue? When it comes to going up against premades, yes. While I am a solo player, and I more than fully realize that the mistakes I make are what keep me from climbing up, It is frustrating to know that Riot has purposely set it up so that premades are matched up against solos on purpose, and that the more premades on a team, the more the game searches out higher skilled solos to match them against. It makes no sense for me to get my mmr up by doing well and winning 5 matches in a row, get promoted, and then the game searches my slightly higher mmr out to match me against premade teams, of which have much better communication and coordination then my team, and then for the next three to five matches I lose against premades and get demoted back down. All just because I was doing well on my own. To me this is the system punishing the player for succeeding and isn't right. Yes I know that my teams also get premades in them, but most often they will have less premades than the opposing team, because I'm a solo player picked solely to fill in the gaps and offer a little more challenge for the enemy premades. And before anyone goes on about my rank, premades are effecting every elo, not just the higher ups. Everything I've said here is based on personal experience and what Riot has stated. Solo Queue had no problems at all, and there was no reason for Dynamic Queue other then to allow three and four man premades to play ranked together, as we already had duo tied into solo, and five man teams was a queue all it's own. And before someone says anything about trolls, lane picks, afks, and the like, that has nothing to do with actual queue, and is just a player to player thing. Really the only good thing Riot did when they released Dynamic Queue was releasing the new champion selection with it. Am I going to stop playing ranked? No. Ranked is my primary play mode simply because for me there's more meaning to winning. Am I an idiot for complaining about DQ and still playing ranked anyway? Sure why not? Riot will change it in the future. Maybe they will keep it, maybe they wont. I don't know. Anyway that's my piece. I've said enough. **td;dr** The people speaking against the "vocal minority" are just a vocal minority of that vocal minority. You shouldn't get punished for succeeding. and new champ select was good, DQ wasn't. PS. Sorry about this post everyone. I just had a very bad day and had to let off some steam. Feel free to upvote/downvote or ignore this post at your choosing. ######**DISCLAIMER:** Upvotes are not locked. Everyone is free to retract their upvotes/downvotes at their leisure. No terms or conditions apply. All persons have one upvote and/or one downvote to use on this post per account. Standard Riot moderation applies to all comments in this thread and breakers of the boards policies will be dealt with accordingly by the moderators. This is not an upvote farm thread. This is not a grab at attention. This thread was posted solely as a venting measure for one person whom had a very bad day. (Work gone to hell, well dying leaving no water available, etc, etc.) No person is required to either pay any attention to or acknowledge the existence of this post. I am tired and thinking of going to bed soon. I don't know why I'm still typing. I'm going to stop now. See you on the rift.
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