God bless, Allahu Akhbar... Thank you Riot ;-;

http://www.surrenderat20.net/2016/04/425-pbe-update.html#more [Early Surrender Strings] [Strings referencing early surrender stuff. Looking into it] game_announcement_OnSurrenderEarlyAllowed "Your team has X seconds to remake the game because a player dc'd and no kills occurred. Vote to end the game by typing /remake in chat. Only the dc'd player will take a loss. This vote can only occur once." game_announcement_OnSurrenderEarlyAccomplice "To protect high-tier competitive integrity, your remake would count as a loss because the dc'd player is in your premade" **tl;dr you can now surrender before 20 because of an AFK who never connected.** _EDIT: This has quickly devolved into a religion thread, why can't we just accept that not everyone is like us and that we should accept that?_
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