Champs that shouldn't be played in Solo Queue

I'm having the worst string of losses (like 7 in a row), where I win or hold my lane but we still lose. I've been maining bot this season so far, but can play any lane. I feel like I am being matched up with the worst teams, but I can't just sit back and wait to be carried so my question is: Which champs/roles should I play, or more specifically definitely not play so that I can take more control of the game (or at least lessen the chances that someone else on my team doesn't hold us down in key role). Also, the root of this question comes from seeing lots of pro matches or pro streamers play certain champs with great success, however, when I uses the same champs in solo queue, although I perform well on those same champs, the rest of my team isn't reliable enough to make the synergies work. (Ex. Me going mid with Zoe or Cass and nailing stuns and sleepy bubbles, or going bot with Ashe and giving my team superior map vision...yet I still lose...) Advice please! I'm losing faith in season 9
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