So RIOT basically KILLED conqueror. im done.

Conqueror S8 : 4 sec in combat to activate / viable literally even on every bruiser . 10-35 AD + 20% true Damage. conqueror s9 : only get activated when u damage a champion with attack or abilities (big nerf) and only 10% ture damage (another big nerf) and 2-8 AD per stack. Conqueror patch 9.4 : AD reduced from 2-8 to 1-5 per stack (another big nerf) Conqueror patch 9.5 : AD reduced from 1-5 to 1-3 per stack (at this point conqueror literally died.) i mean. top lane was in a horrible spot already in general. and with killing conqueror u just killed top lane. now when i want to go to a game i have to choose between playing champion that i like it and have fun playing it but lose Or pick Nasus or Sion and get bored AF spam my Qs but win the game. Sounds good. Thank u riot. ur changes every patch is perfect. im quiting now for a while(or maybe lifetime) till Riot finally hires Some HUMANS for balancing the game.

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