Why does CertainlyT get special treatment?

CT's champs being allowed to do more shit than the average champion is a thing. Zoe can reactivate her Q while under CC - why can't Vel'Koz? Why is Yasuo allowed what's arguably the most annoying ability in the game, Windwall, negating entire champions with literally 0 skill requirement since he births that thing from his chest? Why can Akali have her own unique "Fuck you" signature move, obscured, which allows her to torment people inside their own turret? This person, whoever he is, is a plague to the game. Everything he produces is so impossibly annoying - in fact the only thing which he has done well, the Warwick rework, he claims he didn't like doing because of all the surveillance he was under. Every single one of his creations does way too much, when a person is so unanimously hated by an entire community as are all his creations, don't you think, Riot, _something should be done?_
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