So when you Rework Morde

Can you give us the Tools to deal with Marksmen. Honestly Since they are Buffing Marksmen #AGAIN I feel like i should stop playing Morde/the game. Since My enjoyment is non-existant when marksmen are strong. Its Fucking Garbage enough as it is Being insulted For Playing my main Every other Game But Im sick and fucking Tired of Marksmen beating in my face Telling me its balanced When they get too 1) Out damage me from beyond my effective Range 2) run circles around me with much Greater Base Movement and Dashes 3) Have Better Base & Scaling Health 4) Easily Out Sustain me with Bloodthirster or Blade of the Ruined King 5) Have infinite Better CC Like WTF do i get a Dragon with The AI of a Potato. This is Bullshit. Is this a Rant thread Yes Does it have a Fucking Point Yes it does. When you Finish Randuins 3rd item and already have Ninja Tabi. You shouldnt FUCKING DIE TO VAYNE in less than 3 Seconds ##Do Better Riot
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