Can we improve Twisted Treeline?

So now that I've finished with solo queue for the season, I decided I'd try out Twisted Treeline. I haven't ever really taken the mode seriously, but it would be nice to get better at it and play it more when I have more free time. I've just gotten out of placements, and yes I was placed in Iron I. One issue I've had is the LP gains and losses are not very consistent at all, which is likely due to imbalanced matches due to low volume of players. In the past week I've had a loss that cost 22LP, 2 wins that have gained me a mere 6 lp, and just today [I just got 9lp from a win]( This seems to be a standard occurrence in this mode, with queue times being anywhere up to 5 minutes in one of the most common elos. I understand this isn't a huge amount of statistics, but I'm pretty sure TT is in a bad state at the moment, almost becoming the new Dominion in this day and age. I think one way to breathe life back into the mode would be to update the map much like Summoner's Rift and Howling Abyss, which look more hand-painted Okami style rather than the dated eyesore Bubsy 3D style that is the Howling Abyss as of right now. Every now and then the altars are updated, but I think the altars are one of the worst features of the map. It's an odd gimmick to fill the gaps between a small, incredibly simple map with limited objectives and early-game gank opportunities. I think it should support its strengths more - faster paced matches, more focused on rotations and plays rather than farming.
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