Lux Kit Features Removed Falsely as a Bugfix

History: > Patch 10.1 - > Bug Fixes * > Lux's E - Lucent Singularity no longer reveals areas outside of its range - > Patch 10.3 - > > Bug Fixes > Lux's E - Lucent Singularity now reveals brush inside it's damage and slow zone This has been a feature in Lux's kit and design since October 19th, 2010 when she was released. It is not a bug, it was never a bug, it was a specific and well-documented feature. Bring it back. Don't HARD nerf a champion and call it a bugfix. Lux is currently sitting at 44.89% win rate as support this patch because your team is so out-of-touch with kit design and documentation for the champions that you'd remove a release date kit feature pretending it's a bug **9 Years Later.** Bring back the feature that has existed for **9+ years** not some sloppy half-revert of the spell. **200+ YEARS OF GAME DESIGN EXPERIENCE, BUT CAN'T EVEN KEEP TRACK OF CHAMPION KITS AND WHAT THEY DO.**
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