Executioner's Calling is the most rarely built item in the game...

Excluding Viktor's {{champion:112}} champion specific incomplete Hex-Core items ({{item:3197}} {{item:3196}} {{item:3200}}) and aggregating different boot enchantments ({{item:1308}} {{item:1307}} {{item:1305}} {{item:1306}} {{item:1309}}), Executioner's Calling {{item:3123}} is by far the least built item in the game. According to Elophant, even Banner of Command {{item:3060}} and Ohmwrecker {{item:3056}} are each about 3x more commonly built. http://i.imgur.com/l61CKCA.jpg . **Edit:** I just checked back in on this thread and as some people have pointed out, the Elophant data can be somewhat misleading (sorry). While Elophant lists it as the least popular item, the data could be misconstrued. If also counting Mortal Reminder (which is not listed on Elophant), it's technically not the rarest item. However, it is still very rare at around 1 in 40 games total for either Mortal Reminder or Executioner's Calling to be owned at the end of a game. In any case, Executioner's Calling on its own still remains the rarest item at the end of a game, and that is still comparing it to other component items (except for Viktor's incomplete hex-cores as originally mentioned).
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