Trying to climb ranked need tips currently bronze 2

So most of my games I get fed but I find my teammates consistently die solo giving up usually 10 kills in the first 5 minutes and we fall really far behind. I try extremely hard and usually slowly lose the game as the enemy team groups and flexes their advantage I can never get my teammates to group for objectives and find once they've fed and fallen behind they're attitudes are we lose gg. I know though there is yet a way to win all these games i wonder if i'm playing the wrong champions, or perhaps I'm playing the wrong lanes to carry at this rank. I could use some tips on bringing back these huge leads enemies teams seem to consistently get even when i camp a lane all game securing my laner if I'm playing jungle 5 or so kills but if I leave him alone to try and help other lanes catch-up after that they always lose their leads. If I take all the kills I lose the 1v5.
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