Unpopular Popular Opinion: One of riot's being mistakes was reworking Guardian's Angel

[](https://cdn.vox-cdn.com/thumbor/IsfzH2_0WvWR_bPA4HBEXbSA9wY=/0x0:86x86/1200x0/filters:focal(0x0:86x86)/cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_asset/file/8371769/chrome_2017_04_19_14_27_29.png) Reworking {{item:3026}} to be an AD item was one of the worst things to happen to the game recently because; 1. Games became shorter, because rather then it being a defensive item to help hold the line or extend teamfights with focus redirection, it became a risk bandaid for AD champs that were already ahead and get two opportunities to spell rotate somebody again or escape. 2. it becomes inefficient on any mage, tank, support not named pyke, + anything that is AP, which ruins build diversity and playstyles, especially for AP fighters/divers which get outclassed by AD's superior options at the job even if the situation otherwise would prefer an AP damage dealer. 3. it makes teamfights end faster because the guy with GA can often punch first and win while the person they killed likely can't itemize it properly. Having a tank, or support build GA can extend teamfights to kill them twice, causing multiple spell rotations and opportunities to reset and turn a fight around, removing that just makes the AD snowballing Diver/Assassin snowball harder with the gold. ___ Picture yourself playing {{champion:121}} in the current meta, you're ahead so you build {{item:1038}} into {{item:3026}}, for only 2800 gold, you gain additional damage to help you snowball, and a second life to ensure that, if you die after killing somebody and don't escape, you will when you revive. It becomes a risk bandaid that also empowers your ability to force snowball because you're getting damage for your money. To show some math, by building guardian's angel alone, the damage you gain on Kha'zix is: **Passive(+20% + auto 100%): 9 + 45 (the ratio bonus + the flat AD for auto) Q (+130%): 59 W(+100%): 45 E(+20%): 9** With GA, you gain **126 bonus physical damage** in a spell rotation, not factoring in his auto resets with ultimate and Q CD. Now on the other hand, imagine good ol' days of {{champion:121}}, but back when {{item:3026}} built out of {{item:1031}}{{item:1057}}, if you're ahead, you make a decision to tradeoff an item slot offering more damage, for more safety from being shut down or throwing. There is a compensation in getting this second life, it doesn't make you stronger by building it, it gives you more room to be smart about using it (otherwise you waste it and throw). This makes kha'zix in general weaker for getting that second chance and safety, so he won't just build GA and then get stronger while harder to stop, he'll actually have to think about what plays he'll make for the trade off of a lethality or armor pen item. _____ Another example as a prediction what GA would look like in modern times, Imagine {{champion:28}}, first thing you're probably thinking is "why the fuck do you want to give Eve the option of a second life?", well heres why. A snowballing Evelynn might build a safer item late game like {{item:1031}}{{item:1057}} and play smart for picking the right person and engaging with. On the other hand, current Eve has one option that we all hate playing against, building {{item:3089}} / {{item:3135}} / {{item:3165}} and only E Q R electrocute one shotting them. If Evelynn could build Guardian Angel for making otherwise risky plays, she has to also lose out on an item slot, which hurts her ridiculously high scalings, or pressures her to get penetration rather then flat AP inorder to fit GA and counter the MR building targets. That being said, if Evelynn had the option to go GA, it wouldn't break her, it would just be that, a smart option and if she doesn't go GA anyway because of how strong full AP is, well what's new. ____ **Didn't we rework Guardian's Angel because games were lasting too long, especially in LCS?** Games are currently very short because an AD champ can literally build GA and go willy nilly forcing kills to snowball due to his risk bandaid and additional free damage to add on. The community lately complains about early snowball, so if this is an anti-snowball solution or a defensive option for champs that might want to survive being snowballed (such as going GA as a mage thats being focused, either in addition to or alternative to Zhonyas, or as a tank to survive longer for peeling), then this doesn't seem so unhealthy to me. LCS we've said has been boring for awhile. Think about this: when mistakes are punished so hard that they auto decide a win or loss, proplayers are going to play super passive, but if you have everybody, including your support, tank top, mid laner, diver, whoever, you'll have more interesting teamfights, as well as long teamfights as everybody shifts focus around and gets 2 spell rotations off rather then "punch first and stay down". You'll see more "LOOK AT THE MOVES!" and less "LOOK AT THE move." **Wouldn't it result in something similar with assassins ATM and just be too good on tanks instead?** Not particularly because everybody would still have the option to build it. Its not like say, {{champion:60}} vs. {{champion:59}} where simply put, {{champion:60}} is fucked because she can't dive with anything other then a Zhonya's, which can be considered a self stun, but j4 can dive in, hit a bunch of people, and have his GA. If both have GA, then that gives her just as much counter diving threat on his marksmen as j4 has on hers, which feels skillful and less "punch first". With old GA it wouldn't be that situation with {{champion:60}} vs. {{champion:113}}, or {{champion:5}} vs. {{champion:154}}, everybody has that even playing field option if they go for it. _____ Old GA needs to comeback for the sake of this game's diversity..and I'm pretty sure it would double up in helping the meta we're hating so far. Or alternatively, remove GA entirely because its just meta warping how many tools AD gets with GA being the biggest in terms of AP v AD divers. Removing it would solve a lot too.
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