"Can't Dodge Zoe's Bubble? It's a skill shot NOOB"... Silver V btw

"It's a skill shot. Dodge it noob" "Hide behind minions noob" When I read these comments do you think my response is: "OMG, never thought about dodging the skillshot thanks for the advice!" or "What if I don't have minions to hide behind in the river? Oh my bad there is the fking rift scuttler. Im a noob haha" ??? No. Just stop. Those advice are useless af. We all know we can dodge it and hide behind minions to avoid getting hit by it. It's not that hard to dodge honestly, but there are SO MANY bubbles I need to dodge and always get punished hard if one hits. It's mentally draining to play against a champion that continuously throws you-get-hit-by-this-you-die skill shots that are sometimes REALLY hard to dodge. (Fog of war wall bubbles. Melee range bubbles etc.) Even if I dodge every bubble as an Ashe (means literally predicting it's direction and walking the opposite way), because I make one mistake and get hit by one bubble. Zoe lands her combo, instant death. <"mistakes are opportunities you know"> . Ye ye my b not getting a QSS in 15 minutes. I don't care if you are diamond, GorillA sensei said: "I can't always land skillshots, i'm only human". This can also mean: "I can't always dodge skillshots. I'm only human". I thought Illaoi's E was bad when it first came out. Zoe's E (bubble) takes it to another level. **I will never stoop so low and buy this champion to play her. Never. Hell I'll even buy a Zoe skin and refund the champion. But I will never buy Zoe to play her. **
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