Kaisa review

tbh I didnt think you could make weaker champ than kindred but you did it Q - low range (cant poke properly) and low dmg W - high mana cost, long cd and passive doesnt increase dmg or range or any other valuable stat E - this is joke, cast duration is 0,75sec with living weapon but invisibility is 0.5sec long lol, logic af R - and reward goes to her ult, can anyone in riot explain me logic that range of this is shorter than range of W ? lol wtf srsly, and also I dont understand why we cant teleport to minions and monsters Passive - 4sec is rly short, with evolved W and 40% CDR we are simply not able to shot W, and then shot W again to same target but with stacks applied. Also stat requirements are kinda weird, its always around 90 so I must buy some little shit I dont want in order to get passive bonus, I would lower them from 100 to 80
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