Rotating Game Mode brain dump: Round 2 Heya guys, it's been about a month since the last one of these I did. Got a good response last time to sharing so, in the spirit of transparency, thought I'd do another brain dump RE the RGM queue and alternate game modes. ^_^o **"My favourite mode is _[insert mode here]_. When is it getting added to the queue!?"** I spoke to this briefly last time, so will recap again here. We're still forging the path atm with our current stable of modes, and are carefully looking at how each one is received and engaged with. The modes you've seen so far represent the widest spread of gameplay with strong engagement, which is why we chose them first. With that said, any game mode that we've previously done is a potential candidate for the RGM queue, so if your favourite mode isn't in there yet, there's a chance we could get to it sometime in the future. **"The time between reappearances of modes is too long/short. It should be shorter/longer."** As you might suspect, this changes mode to mode and player to player, depending on what they like. We are interested though in seeing differing cadences could look like. For example, we currently have about 6 weeks between modes reappearing, but maybe we could shorten that to 4 weeks letting us focus on bigger updates to particular modes on a slightly longer cadence. Still iterating on this process to figure out what delivers the best updates to each mode when they come back. **"I work weekends and can't play the modes. When will you extend the queue up-time?"** We currently have the queue up for 3 days at a time, kicking off with Friday. The RGM queue has been quite healthy, so we're investigating extending it to Monday going forward, making for a total of 4 days each weekend. As with all things, this is subject to change (you never know sometimes with gamedev) but we're looking into it right now. Soon(tm). **"When will Champion Mastery be added to ARAM/TT?"** Got you covered fam. <3 I'll chill in this thread to catch any other questions. ^.^
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