Please bring back strategy.

I remember when trading in lane didn’t necessitate and all-in constantly mentality because you KNEW that you couldn’t 100-0 them with a two ability combo+auto+ignite at level 2. You could win the lane through smart trades ad CS attrition. If I somehow get to the point where I can do that now, I’m literally punished by being given a huge ass bounty without having received any kill gold myself. The literal ONLY viable strategy to win games now is a CONSTANT bloodbath Things Riot hates: farming, laning, vision, and champions being allowed to stay relevant in a way that isn’t a constant bloodbath Things Riot loves: shorter games, one shots, fog of war, constant fighting, Tencent’s money. They don’t care about their core audience anymore. They care about PC Bangs and hentai Ahri skins.
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